We are accepting applications for Mindy’s internship team. Interns will have the opportunity to work directly with Mindy and her team on key projects, constituent services, and district advocacy. Interns must have strong written and oral communication skills, excellent work ethic, a commitment to serving the residents of Amherst, Pelham and the first precinct of Granby. It is our hope that interns will be placed in both the State House and in the district.

Unfortunately, internships are not paid. Applicants can seek financial assistance and grants on their own from outside sources. Applicants can also employ strategies to obtain academic credit for their internship experience. Please let us know if you plan to receive funding from an outside source or if you plan to obtain academic credit for your experience.


Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week


Potential Intern Duties: 

  • Research local and state policy issues   

  • Assist and support residents of Amherst, Pelham and Granby with problems with state government and programs

  • Enter data and track correspondence

  • Staff Mindy and/or attend events in the district

  • Organize and market special events in the district

  • Assist with communications

Intern Qualifications: 

  • Strong written and oral communication skills, good judgement

  • Commitment to public service and helping residents across the district

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Interest in government and policy, good research skills

  • Ability to be supervised


Please send a cover letter and your resume to