Learn more about Mindy's top priorities and what she will do to advance a progressive, Democratic agenda on Beacon Hill.

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Investing in Public Education
  • Make universal access to early education and care a reality

  • Support keeping the promise to revise the formula for public school “foundation budget” to ensure that schools are reimbursed for their actual costs (including health insurance costs, resources and support for English Language Learners, low-income families and children, and special education costs). Supports universal single payer health care as a method to reduce health care costs and shift the expense.

  • Fully fund regional school transportation budgets

  • Fight to keep the cap on the number of charter schools in Massachusetts and support full funding of initiatives that decrease the cost of charter schools on towns.

  • Change funding mechanism for charter schools

  • Ensure that when charter schools receive public funds, they are subject to public scrutiny and accountability

  • Support for districts to support the social and emotional health of students, to improve their school climate, to assess and revise their disciplinary policies

  • Support all students to have access to music and the arts

  • Provide comprehensive age-appropriate medically accurate LGBTQ inclusive sexuality education, offer professional development for teachers and family workshops to increase impact and involvement

  • Support a moratorium on high stakes testing to determine benefits, challenges and identify alternative effective strategies for assessment

  • Support every child to start their learning day with the nutrition they need to be active and engaged learners

  • Commit to finding ways to create tuition-free community colleges and trade
    schools and debt-free public higher education (explore a student loan repayment pilot program in public higher education for high need positions in high need Massachusetts communities)

  • Support keeping the promise for funding to public higher education as an effective first step to reduce the pressure to increase tuition, fees and student debt

  • Invest in the University of Massachusetts, public community colleges, and vocational schools

  • Commit to responding to student (preK-16) hunger

Addressing Income Inequality
  • Support strong unions and working families

  • Increase funding for regional transit authorities (including the PVTA) and expand routes

  • Explore alternatives to implementing the Fair Share Amendment, "The Millionaire's Tax"

  • Strengthen food security and increase affordable housing

  • Support increasing and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

  • Increase food security, including for students

  • Fund affordable housing initiatives, including public housing and rental voucher programs

  • Dismantle structural disadvantages for low-income families

Fighting the Climate Crisis + Protecting the Environment
  • Go 100% renewable by 2050, expand incentives for solar and wind, support research and development into storage capacity and the green construction materials

  • Support climate justice and ensure that climate change strategies consider and incorporate economic justice goals

  • Oppose new gas pipelines

  • Support MA-funded public health research into impact of fossil fuels, methane 

  • Electrify the public transit fleet, state and municipal vehicles, support electric vehicle infrastructure

  • Enforce and support legislation to protect clean air, clean water and natural resources

Securing Medicare for All
  • Support a single payer health care system, fight the Trump Administration’s efforts to make work requirements a prerequisite for health care access

  • Provide access to health care, mental health, behavioral health, drug and alcohol treatment, harm reduction programs, and Narcan 

  • Support paid family and medical leave

  • Support the fundamental right to comprehensive health care, including "comfort care" and measures to allow "death with dignity"

  • Ensure access to mental health services for children and teenagers

  • Support allowing individuals and small businesses to choose a public option (buying into MassHealth) through the health exchange

  • Restore full dental benefits for Mass Health recipients 

Protecting Reproductive Rights
  • ​Ensure access to a full range of reproductive health care services, including low cost and free birth control, for people of all ages

  • Champion access to comprehensive medically accurate information and services on reproductive health choices, close services that mislead and misinform consumers

  • Eliminate racial disparities in reproductive care with particular focus on the risk of death due to pregnancy complications between white and women of color

  • Pass the Healthy Youth Act

  • Fund effective teen pregnancy prevention programs

  • Provide access to available and affordable quality child care

  • Remove archaic MA laws 

Ensuring a Welcoming, Fair, and Just Community
  • Protect immigrant rights, ensure access to state court proceedings for all regardless of immigration status, support Massachusetts becoming a Sanctuary State 

  • Refuse to give state support to the Trump Administration's immigration and refugee policies 

  • Support efforts to decrease gun violence and increase gun safety

  • Fund research into the public health consequences of gun violence

  • End mass incarceration and the war on drugs and pursue criminal justice and bail reform

  • Continue to reform the criminal justice system and support the elimination of school disciplinary policies that contribute to the school to prison pipeline 

  • Defend the rights of LGBTQI individuals - youth and adults, protect MA anti-discrimination laws, fight to ban conversion therapy