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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Letter from Stephanie O’Keeffe

You know how some people just make everything better? Their involvement inspires confidence. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their skills and commitment and sincerity draw others to them like a magnet. They are natural collaborators because everyone wants to join their team and be part of their cause.

Mindy Domb is one of these exceptional people, and that is why I am thrilled that she’s running for state representative in the 3rd Hampshire District.

Her innate ability to connect with and motivate people will be an effectiveness multiplier in working on the progressive issues that matter to us. She empathizes, organizes and gets things done.

We are fortunate to again have excellent candidates for this seat, any of whom would represent our values with their votes. But I believe Mindy has that extra something — that secret sauce — to build coalitions that magnify support for issues we care about and increase our clout on Beacon Hill.

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