DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Domb takes issue with governor

AMHERST — Mindy Domb, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for 3rd Hampshire District state representative, is calling on Gov. Charlie Baker to reverse his decision that will allow the Massachusetts National Guard to be deployed to the United States-Mexico border to participate in immigration enforcement.

“Your timely reversal on this matter will send a clear signal that the commonwealth does not endorse an immoral policy and refuses to contribute to its implementation in any manner,” Domb said in a statement.

In a letter to the governor, Domb wrote that President Donald Trump’s border policies are “inhumane, hateful and misguided, rife with family separation and the literal ripping of infants and children from their parents. We should never threaten the safety of children as a way to influence their parents. That’s immoral.”

Domb is the second candidate in the region to request that Baker change course on the use of the National Guard.

Earlier, Chelsea Kline, seeking the Senate seat previously held by Stanley Rosenberg, issued a statement that if the Massachusetts National Guard is deployed to the southern border, it should be to address the humanitarian crisis by providing emergency assistance and relief to refugee children and their families.

Domb is competing against Eric Nakajima in the Sept. 4 Democratic primary for the 3rd Hampshire District, which includes Amherst, Pelham, and Precinct 1 in Granby. The winner will take on incumbent Solomon Goldstein-Rose, an independent who left the Democratic Party earlier this year.

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