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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Letter from Marisa Catalina Casey

A child wears an I voted sticker in front of a voting precinct.

I have always revered Election Day. From the time I was small enough to walk under the curtain to watch my mother vote to casting my first ballot the week of my 18th birthday, I have thought of it as one of the most important parts of being a citizen.

I can remember the day I became a citizen, age 8, holding a mini-American flag with my parents at Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Nearly 30 years later, my husband and I were looking for a place to live after returning from serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador. We wanted to find a place with a good work/life balance but more importantly, we wanted to find a town where our progressive values were reflected. We found this in Amherst.

When I heard that Mindy Domb, executive director of the Amherst Survival Center, was running to represent us in Hampshire's 3rd District, I jumped at the chance to support her. I know Mindy as a leader and tireless advocate fighting for the neediest in our community.

As a woman, an immigrant, and a fellow nonprofit worker, I see the values that attracted me to this area in Domb. She loves the Pioneer Valley and has dedicated her life to serving her neighbors. She knows how to get things done in the public sector, having run a district office and working on high-profile campaigns, in addition to navigating Boston and Washington to secure funding for programs she has developed.

Domb has the experience, passion, and heart to fight for everything that makes this district such a wonderful place to live. I will be voting for Mindy Domb on Sept. 4, with my 4-year-old daughter at my side.

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