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Mindy Domb, Candidate for State Rep, Calls on House Speaker DeLeo to Hold a Vote to Repeal Abortion

News Release

For immediate release: July 5, 2018

For more information: Email Connie Kruger

July 5, 2018 -

“Massachusetts still has laws on the books that could be used to criminalize abortion. If enforced, the ‘archaic law’ mandates a 5-year mandatory minimum sentence for ‘procuring a miscarriage’. This law must be repealed immediately especially in light of Justice Kennedy’s resignation from the Supreme Court and the distinct possibility that his retirement might usher in a repeal of Roe v Wade across the country,” said Mindy Domb, a candidate for State Representative for the 3rdHampshire District.

She is urging House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo to schedule a vote before the end of the session to repeal Massachusetts’ archaic laws with regard to access to birth control, family planning services and reproductive health care, including abortion. The current session ends in 26 days. “This will require the Legislature to act quickly, but I know we can do it to ensure that women and families in Massachusetts know their access to reproductive health care will not be reduced,” Domb said.

“I join the call by women’s health advocates and activists that in order to protect the right to choose and women’s access to reproductive health care, Massachusetts must repeal these archaic laws now. These laws should have been repealed a long time ago, but with the fate of Roe v Wade now more uncertain, the need to do so is more urgent. We must make sure that women and families in Massachusetts know that the Commonwealth will protect their rights and their access to care and family planning services.”


Mindy Domb is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the office ofState Representative for the 3rdHampshire District which includes the towns of Amherst, Pelham, and precinct 1 in Granby.

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