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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Mark McCandlish: Supports Mindy Domb

As an unenrolled voter and a longtime Amherst resident, I have not previously written publicly on behalf of a candidate for state-wide office, although I have been a staunch supporter of Ellen Story throughout her distinguished legislative career.

But now I am delighted to support Mindy Domb’s candidacy for State Representative from the 3rd Hampshire District. My interactions with her have convinced me that she has the courage, focus and political savvy to work effectively with legislative colleagues, and to advocate strongly for the issues impacting all of us.

Based on both my own observations and the feedback I’ve received from others, I believe that she will take the high road in acting to resolve problems — rather than just politicizing the ‘issue of the day.’ I hope you will join me in voting for Mindy in the Sept. 4 Democratic primary.

Mark McCandlish


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