Mindy Domb Condemns Governor Baker’s Veto of “Lift the Cap”

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For immediate release: July 27, 2018 For more information: Email Connie Kruger

JULY 27, 2018, AMHERST, MA - The Massachusetts Legislature must reject the Governor’s “cruel tactic” that would throw nearly 9,000 children deeper into poverty, Mindy Domb, candidate for State Representative for the 3rd Hampshire District, said Friday.

Governor Charlie Baker vetoed a provision in the 2019 state budget that would repeal a decades-old state law that denies state assistance to children born while their low-income families receive assistance such as subsidized food, housing and health insurance.

Despite overwhelming support in the State House for repealing the provision — called “Lift the Cap on Kids” — Baker said he wants any change in the cap tied to a recalculation of the family’s income that qualifies its members for government assistance. Baker said the family’s income level should including the money received by a disabled parent under Social Security.

“The Legislature was right to lift the cap without any preconditions. The Governor is wrong,” Domb said. “His veto message reveals that his underlying rationale is based on the same misguided stereotype about people in need as the Trump Administration has repeatedly demonstrated. The Governor’s underhanded action would result in severely reducing a family’s income and undermining the impact of lifting the cap.”

Baker said lifting the family income cap without expanding what is included in the family’s income “could have the perverse effect of reducing incentives for TAFDC recipients to get back to work.” TAFDC stands for Traditional Aid for Families of Dependent Children, sometimes called welfare.

“Governor Baker should know better,” Domb said. “Lifting the cap is about taking care of children. We, as a Commonwealth, need to reject the notion that recipients of public assistance need to be ‘incentivized’ to work. This is just a rehashing of the stereotype that families in need of assistance are lazy. This is wrong, mean-spirited, and a cruel Republican tactic to reduce the assistance we provide to families in need. With its emphasis on so-called work requirements as a precondition for public assistance, the Governor’s veto message expresses a bias that we need to reject.”

Domb continued, “I celebrate the Legislature’s decision to lift the cap, support families and children in need, and reject the Governor’s underhanded attempt to force through TAFDC cuts that the Legislature already rejected in each of the last two years. I urge Speaker DeLeo and the State House as a whole to reject the Governor's amendment in Attachment E, override his TAFDC veto (line item 4403-2000) and reenact the family cap repeal.”

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