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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Austin Sarat: Support Mindy Domb for state rep.

Remember the Halloween blizzard? The electricity in my home went out and stayed out for eight days. I called the power company to find out how much longer the outage would go on. No response. I reached out to many elected officials asking for their help. All I wanted to know was when the power would be restored.

Of all those people, only State Rep. Ellen Story returned my call. It’s an example of great constituent service.

The candidates seeking to be our state representative are generally like-minded on most policy issues—climate change, human rights, investing in education. We are lucky to have such good candidates.

What I am looking for is someone who will be as responsive as Ellen Story to the needs of constituents and has experience and judgment to work the levers of the state’s complex bureaucracy.

I believe that Mindy Domb is that person. She is smart, pragmatic, and dedicated. Her first job after college graduation was doing constituent service for a newly elected congressman. And in Mindy’s current work she has had to find ways to make things work for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Helping people navigate the system—be it government agencies or health care or social service—is baked into her DNA.

I will vote for her in the Democratic primary on Sept. 4 and I urge you to support her as well.

Austin Sarat Amherst

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