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Letter: Amy Vickers

Mindy Domb is practical and action-oriented. Her decades of hard work and dedication to numerous public health, nonprofit, and progressive issues are well known to many in the Valley. Her accomplishments as a leader, coalition builder, and community advocate in Western Massachusetts, on top of her valuable legislative experience and skills as a congressional aide, have improved countless lives and made our region a better place to live.

I’m voting for Mindy because we can count on her to be not only a progressive State Representative, but also a proactive leader–a rare trait that is urgently needed in these challenging political times. Just recently (July 5, 2018), for example, Mindy stepped up–like no other candidate–to take a strong and affirmative stand to protect women and families by calling on House Speaker DeLeo to hold a vote to repeal archaic abortion laws in order to preserve the rights of women and their access to reproductive health services. The legislature adopted the repeal, and Gov. Baker signed it into law.

Now more than ever, the 3rd Hampshire District of Amherst, Pelham, and Granby needs Mindy Domb to be our State Representative in the Massachusetts State House.

Amy Vickers

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