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Letter: Amherst Survival Center Former Board Members

We strongly believe Mindy Domb is the best choice for State Representative for our District. As former members of the Board of Directors at the Amherst Survival Center, we attest to Mindy’s skill as a clear and effective leader. She manages an organization that serves thousands of people each year through its volunteer efforts and committed staff. Mindy is a strategic thinker, a problem solver and a champion coalition builder. Her communication skills are unmatched.

Mindy understands the essential nature of listening to people in order to grasp their needs and has spent a long and successful career in positions of leadership in organizations that work to ensure people have access to basic human needs. She has consistently and articulately been a voice for the underserved. In the process, she has created working relationships across the state and already has the respect and ear of many individuals in decision-making positions.

As a long time resident of Amherst who raised a family in this town, Mindy has the pulse of our community and will be able to identify and help secure state support for projects and initiatives that will have a positive impact on life in Amherst, Pelham and Granby. Her intellect and progressive stance on everything from economic justice and health care to the environment and education will be a powerful presence at the State House.

Mindy will apply the skills she has developed over a lifetime and refined at the ASC to help create policies and laws that meet real needs of our community. We hope she has your vote!


Amy Rothenberg Naz Mohamed Richard Cohen Jan Eidelson Ken Toong Bill Clement Sarah Barr Gail Lansky


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