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Letter: Betsy McInnes

When I think of the possibility of Mindy Domb as our new state representative, I get excited.

I get excited to think that she will bring her years of experience and wisdom and put them to work for the people of Amherst, Pelham and Granby, as well as for the state as a whole.

I get excited to think that her ability to build coalitions and bridges between groups that otherwise operate in individual silos will bring a win-win situation to her constituents as well as her collaborators in the legislature.

I had the pleasure to work with Mindy to help the Amherst Survival Center get a bus stop that was located close to the new building. Before, families and individuals had to walk an extra two blocks to get from the bus stop. (Try doing that in a blizzard with a load of groceries and a two-year old in tow.) Mindy created a multi-prong strategy to bring together the various agencies and the public to get the job done—and succeeded.

I get excited when I think of how each individual who goes to the Amherst Survival Center is greeted warmly and with respect. By increasing the kinds of services provided (dental, medical, laundry, free store, groceries and hot lunch), they are able to help people in need.

I get excited when I think of how well she understands the dynamics of our region—from the needs of struggling families and people facing health crises, food instability, and housing issues to those of the communities and educational institutions and economic development we need to fuel economic growth.

I get excited because Mindy brings strategic direction to her work, and is not afraid to use her voice to bring people together. Mindy knows people are much stronger when they work together and have a shared vision. This will make her a superb representative.

Please join me in electing Mindy Domb for state representative.

Betsy McInnes

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