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Letter: Carole Learned-Miller, Ed.L.D.

I am writing in support of Mindy Domb, who is running for state representative in the 3rd Hampshire District. Mindy has four qualities that make her ideally suited for this position.

Mindy is an exceptional listener. While many leaders are concerned with telling you all that they know, Mindy is deeply interested in the experiences and expertise of others. Mindy is humble, thoughtful and intelligent and is committed to learning and to fully understanding the needs of her constituents.

Mindy has dedicated her entire career to caring for some of our state’s most vulnerable citizens. First, she worked passionately on behalf of adults with HIV/AIDS. More recently, she has devoted herself to those in need in our community. As the Executive Director of the Survival Center in Amherst, Mindy has served as a tireless and committed leader always working to improve the lives of her clients, many of whom face homelessness, poverty and food insecurity.

Mindy gets things done. Whether it is gathering thousands of diapers for needy parents or advocating for a more convenient bus stop for Survival Center community members, Mindy is unstoppable. She is always willing to go the extra mile for those in need.

Mindy is passionate about education. She is a champion of the public schools and eager to collaborate with educators to further improve them. In fact, the Massachusetts Teachers’ Association (MTA) has given her their support because they have witnessed her fierce advocacy for and commitment to the state’s children and teachers.

For all of these reasons, Mindy has my support. She is devoted to improving the lives of those she serves. I am 100% confident that she will continue to do this as our state representative. I urge you to give her your vote on September 4th!

Carole Learned-Miller, Ed.L.D.


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