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Letter: Diana Spurgin

I’ve known Mindy Domb for more than a decade in her roles as a community activist, as a parent working along with her daughters to make Amherst schools more socially aware, and as a passionate promoter of progressive ideas in- and outside of our community. I am thrilled to support her for in the Democratic primary election for State Representative on September 4.

Even before she became the Executive Director of the Amherst Survival Center, Mindy spent her professional life as a tireless advocate for families, the underserved, and the marginalized, and she worked to improve the physical, mental, and political health of our community. Imagine all the good she has brought into the lives of hundreds of visitors to the Amherst Survival Center, multiplied by the entire district!

Mindy’s personal and professional credentials make her uniquely suited to represent our district, and her talents for listening intently, asking the right questions, and building consensus will ensure her success on behalf of all of us.

Mindy is a fresh face as a candidate, but was pivotal in orchestrating the local campaigns of other powerful women in politics like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and MA Attorney General Maura Healey. As a friend of mine said after meeting Mindy, “I appreciate strong opinionated women who echo my own ideals for what our local and at-large government should stand for.” I couldn’t agree more!

Now, more than ever, we need strong, committed women like Mindy Domb to champion the Progressive Democrat movement at all levels of government. As a long-term resident of Amherst who, along with her husband Matt Sadof, has raised a family here, Mindy knows the needs and interests of our community, and will work diligently to sustain and improve our future.

Diana Spurgin


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