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Letter: John Hornik

I am supporting Mindy Domb in the race for our State Representative to Boston. I have known Mindy for seven years, first through the campaign to elect Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate and later through Mindy’s role as executive director of the Amherst Survival Center.

Mindy has many strengths. First and foremost, she is a great advocate as well as an educator. She has excellent groups skills as a public speaker to both inform and advocate for her positions. She is also very good in one-to-one interactions, having both communication skills and social skills. Finally, she is a first-rate community organizer, capable of and ready to pull together both events and coalitions around an issue.

Through her career she has developed deep knowledge about a wide range of issues, including economic insecurity, healthcare, and drug abuse. She represents the progressive values that are embedded in our community.

Mindy has the skills to be a passionate advocate for the 3rd Hampshire District. And she has a deep moral foundation that will never fail her constituents.

Please join me in voting for Mindy Domb on Sept. 4.

John Hornik


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