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Letter: Katherine Appy

As the mother of two gay sons, I am acutely aware of the ways our world can make their path harder. And I’m also aware — and thankful — that affirming acts can strip hate of its power.

In 2010, after a number of bullying-provoked suicides around the country, Mindy Domb wanted to do something to advance Amherst’s acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people.

She founded Make it Better Amherst, a social network of allies that formed in response to the suicide epidemic of LGBTQ teens.

Mindy’s response to the deaths of kids she didn’t know but empathized with is just one example of how she recognizes people and communities that are often marginalized.

Her life’s work has been to amplify voices too often unheard, whether it’s our economically struggling neighbors who turn to the Amherst Survival Center for food and other basic needs or people who deal with HIV/AIDS.

With Make it Better Amherst, Mindy saw the struggle of gay youth and acted. That’s what any parent wants from their leaders: to be aware of our most vulnerable community members and be relentless in their efforts to protect them.

In the era of Trump when my kids' rights are so at risk, I want leaders like Mindy pushing back and taking action with those whose rights and dignity are under attack.

Please join me in voting for Mindy Domb on Sept. 4.

Katherine Appy


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