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Letter: MaryAnn Grim

Less than 100 years ago on August 26, 1920, the 19th amendment passed to grant women the right to vote in the United States. This anniversary holds special meaning for me since gender equity has been at the top of my mind lately.

As the Treasurer for The Committee to Elect Mindy Domb, I have had an insider’s view of how gender plays a role in a campaign. Throughout the past several months, Mindy and the dozens of volunteers working with us, have been asked about gender and its role in this race. It is perhaps the toughest question to answer because I truly believe Mindy is the best person for the job.

Why should we have to answer this question?

The reason why gender matters in a race like this is because unconscious bias exists. This bias appears in the amount and quality of coverage of a female candidate’s experience. It comes out in what questions she is asked and by how she is characterized. It comes out in which events she is invited to or even which organizations will allow her to vie for their endorsement. It even comes out by how often she is asked questions about her gender.

I don’t think any person should vote for Mindy just because she is a woman. Is it exciting to have such a strong candidate for State Representative who is also a woman? Yes. Is it important to recognize the bias against her simply because of her sex? Yes. However, the most important question voters should ask themselves is, “Is she the best person for the job?” I believe she is.

Based on her long career of addressing people’s challenges, her sustained hands-on experience serving the neediest in our community, her passion for getting things done, her unique ability to build coalitions, and her fierce advocacy to stand up for those with the least power, Mindy Domb has my vote on Tuesday, September 4 because she is absolutely the best person for the job.

MaryAnn Grim


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