Letter: Reverend Georganne Greene

In this particular historical moment, I’ve found myself yearning for politicians with a strong moral compass. Mindy Domb reflects that yearning for me. She is rooted in a clear ethic of care and inclusivity. From that moral center, she moves into conversation with others (her constituents), seeking out the voices of those who speak easily, and those who are more often voiceless. Thus policy decisions emerge, as Mindy says, that reflect how we can best care for each other as a community.

Mindy has a breadth of experience across a wide range of issues…and she is humble enough to seek counsel from the rich resources of our community in areas where more expertise is needed. My experience is that she is smart, savvy about building coalitions, and a quick study; her policy priorities of education, economic justice and climate justice mirror mine. Yet what most speaks to me about Mindy Domb is my sense of her essential integrity and depth of compassion. That’s why she has my vote on September 4th.

Reverend Georganne Greene

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