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Letter: Sharon Vardatira

I have known Mindy Domb personally and professionally for more than 20 years – and I’m thrilled that she is running to represent the 3rd Hampshire District in the Massachusetts Legislature. I first met Mindy in the hallway at our kids’ preschool. As parents discussed everything from the weather to world events, I quickly discovered that Mindy was a born leader. While many of us would simply complain about problems in our community or the world, Mindy would always turn to strategizing and problem-solving. She laser focused on how we could collectively have an impact, pull on the levers of power, and concretely accomplish our goals.

Over many years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Mindy and watching her fight for positive change on a wide range of issues, from combating racism and income inequality to advancing reproductive freedom, equal marriage, immigrant rights, educational equity, intergenerational justice, and so many more. She is passionate, fierce and determined – but not only that. She also brings the skills and expertise from her decades of professional work leading advocacy and community-based organizations across Massachusetts. Mindy has the rare ability to envision both broad change as well as all the realistic steps needed to make it happen. She is at her best working in coalition with others, and I’ve seen her enthusiastically work behind the scenes or lead the way. Whatever is most likely to drive the needed change, she’ll do it.

It’s tempting to become swallowed by the daily news feed and each new scandal out of Washington these days. And, sometimes our state doesn’t seem to be doing much better – with underfunded classrooms, crumbling transportation infrastructure, and entrenched political leadership that fails to do what’s necessary to protect immigrants, raise revenue, and improve health care. While it can feel satisfying to complain -- whether you're a preschool parent or an elected leader -- we need less belly-aching and more action. The time is now for Mindy’s bold leadership.

Sharon Vardatira


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