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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Liz Friedman: Emphasizes importance of Tuesday’s primary

The primary election Sept. 4, also my birthday, will be the most significant vote we in western Massachusetts make over the next 10 years because impacting policy at the state level is the clearest pathway to address the many urgent issues we face.

As a leader on gender equity issues, I have been involved in the passage of progressive laws and understand what it takes for a legislator to be successful. To make an intelligent decision about who to elect, it is important to consider several factors that affect their impact.

1) Being in leadership is critical to getting anything done and it can take 10 years for a legislator to establish themselves. 2) Most legislation takes six to 10 years to pass, if ever. Legislators must have endurance for this slow work. 3) To succeed you must know how to both play well with others (who may not be as progressive) and how to implement diverse strategies to move policies forward. 4) It is not enough to be a kind, progressive person who listens and has a poignant life story.

Our legislators must be able to manage complex environments in which they will often be in the minority. Their ability to build alliances and maneuver strategically forward is critical as they work toward important priorities over multiple years and legislative sessions.

It is crucially important to elect people poised for immediate action and who have proven they are successful at tangible outcomes. With this at the forefront of my mind, I am endorsing these leaders who will hit the ground running: Lindsay Sabadosa, Marie McCourt, Mindy Domb and Natalie Blais for state representative and Amaad Rivera and Jo Comerford for state Senate.

This is a critical time for our country, indeed our planet. Voting on Sept. 4 matters more than any regional vote this decade. Open up your calendar right now, go to Sept. 4 and in big letters write: “VOTE!”

After you vote, stop over for some birthday cake and we’ll celebrate democracy and my 51st together.

Liz Friedman


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